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Paul Hodges Paul Hodges(保罗•霍奇斯)
Paul Hodges
经纪人/股东 Hodges作为一名执照房地产经纪人已超过15年。为家族公司及作为第三方代理,他拥有丰富的购买 、出售、租赁和管理大量不同房地产投资组合的经验。 邮箱: paul.hodges@hodges-realestate.com
Lance Hunter Lance Hunter(兰斯•亨特)
Lance Hunter
首席执行官(CEO) Lance Hunter已帮助带领Hodges公司超过14年,并在过去12年中担任CEO。他在各不同行业,拥有超过35年的管理经验,包括仓储、物流、房地产、金融服务和咨询。他曾是一名注册会计师,并从哈佛商学院获得MBA学位。 邮箱: lancehunter@hodgeswarehouse.com
Michael Hodges Michael Hodges (迈克尔•霍奇斯)
Michael Hodges
销售助理/股东 Michael Hodges在过去的15年,一直在Hodges公司担任管理职务,在租赁、销售和一般管理方面有多样化的经验。 邮箱: mhodges@hodges-realestate.com
Donald E. Fleming Donald E. Fleming Donald (Ed) Fleming is a well seasoned commercial real estate industry veteran. Ed moved to Montgomery in 1970 while his father was in Air Force at Maxwell Air Force Base. He graduated from Lanier High School in 1972 and later attended Auburn University Montgomery with a concentration in business management. Ed had a long term career with Allstate Beverage Co, locally owned by the Grant family, for over 37 years. He later went to work for Hodges Commercial Real Estate in 2010.
email: dfleming@hodgeswarehouse.com